What Is Unique about AirBNB?


AirBNB, an online market based in San Francisco, California is an American dream come true. People from all around the world come here to stay in beautiful and reasonably priced hotels, with all amenities required for a comfortable stay. AirBNB works as a matching partner with their clients, helping them to find great hotels, apartments, and homes, according to the specific requirements of the tourists. The website also features a comprehensive database of hotels, places of accommodation, tourist attractions, and information about traveling plans. AirBNB offers a wide range of flexible home or vacation packages to match the needs of its customers.

AirBNB, Incorporated is an American multi-room independent home-rental web-site brokerage firm based in San Francisco, California. AirBNB operates and hosts an online market, accessible either to clients through its own site or through an app, for renters who wish to list their properties for rent. Additionally, AirBNB offers a number of additional services that enable hosts to effectively manage their listings, while also enjoying the added benefits of being able to interact with other guests and landlords.

The most popular benefit of AirBNB is that it allows hosts to control their listing portfolio by eliminating the need to hire a real estate agent. The company boasts that it has a large inventory of homes, apartments, condos, and private houses in various cities across America. With over 14 million rooms, there is bound to be a suitable rental property listed on the portal. In addition, AirBNB covers the costs of managing the listings. Hosts pay only a one-time fee that entitles them to manage as many properties as they wish, along with attending only those inspections and authorizations necessary under the terms of the agreement. AirBNB hosts make only a commission on the booking fees that the tenants pay, while landlords receive a cut of the overall rent amount.

For a more comprehensive view of the property portfolio of an AirBNB host, users are permitted to peruse the real estate agent’s website. Under this section, hosts are able to view the properties available, as well as view the price quotes that they can expect for any of the available accommodations. However, unlike listings offered by AirBNB, the client is not allowed to directly communicate with an agent on this portal. The primary difference between these two rental options is the lack of direct communication between the property owner and the potential tenant, but the potential to save money has been met with both options.

Another notable benefit of AirBNB is that hosts may cancel or modify their vacation plans at any time, without giving any prior notice. Unlike renting a house or condominium, AirBNB hosts may change their schedules during peak seasons, saving the hosts and their guests the cost of paying a rental late. Similarly, hosts may opt to cancel their stays at any time they wish, regardless of the reasons. The lack of a cancellation policy is another stark contrast from traditional hotels and motels, where cancellation policies are strict in order to prevent damage to the property and the associated guests.

Like the hotels and motels, the booking process of AirBNB is also straightforward and hassle free. The process of booking a property through AirBNB involves creating a profile, selecting a suitable location, as well as choosing whether to pay a per night cleaning fee or a monthly cleaning charge. The booking process is completed online, through a dedicated link on the website, which automatically redirects the client to the booking page once all information has been submitted. Hosts can choose from a range of flexible options, allowing them to customize the rental plan to suit their needs and budgets, while AirBNB makes the process as convenient as possible for their users.