Dive Into Our Assortment Of Travel Must-Haves For Every Kind Of Trip

Dive into our assortment of travel must-haves! for every kind of trip. From long haul flight essentials to beauty and makeup items, we’ve got you covered for the whole trip.

A TSA-approved power bank is a must-have for every traveler, especially those taking a long-haul flight. This slim option is easy to tuck in a crossbody bag or backpack, and holds enough juice to keep your phone going on the plane and throughout the rest of your trip.

An e-reader can help you get through long flights and even save some room in your suitcase. The Amazon-favorite Kindle Oasis is lightweight, waterproof and comes with plenty of built-in storage for your favorite books.

The newest version also has dual front and back speakers, so you can listen to audiobooks and podcasts while you’re on the go.

Sun protection is a must for any vacation, so give your favorite traveler a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses that offer full-spectrum sun protection and look great while doing it. You can also gift them a lightweight daypack that’s perfect for hikes and strolls around cities, and a reusable water bottle so they always have clean drinking water.

If your loved one is a frequent flyer, a travel neck pillow can make a big difference in their comfort on the plane or in the car or train ride to their destination. This hooded neck pillow is designed to keep your head elevated and comfortable while sitting up or lying down, and it also features a zippered pocket for snacks and other essentials.

A silk pillowcase is another small travel item that packs a major comfort punch on the road, whether your loved one is staying at home or visiting friends and family. This standard-size pillowcase is silky smooth and fits in any travel bag for a little extra luxury when they’re on the move.

When your favorite traveler is hopping on the next airplane or ferry to their dream vacation spot, they’ll want to keep track of their itinerary and important documents with a handy travel wallet. Rather than a traditional wallet with plastic pockets, opt for a stylish leather style that can be personalized and includes an RFID blocking technology to prevent identity theft.

It’s a nightmare to arrive at your destination and realize you left all of your toiletries back in your luggage, so keep them organized with a cute travel toiletry bag. This one is super lightweight, has a handy zippered pouch for keeping medications and other essentials, and includes a removable mirror to double-check their look on the go. Likewise, a travel cord organizer can be a lifesaver when your favorite traveler is on the move, and this option comes in multiple colors to match their luggage.