Appropriate Web Design

Appropriate Web Design


When you design your webpage you will want it to the most appealing to the audience to whom you are targeting. For the most part it is businesses who are wanting their website to be the target page for potential and current customers to find in order to obtain information.


In building the site, it is these people with whom you have to engage and hold their interest, or you are wasting your time and just putting up a pretty web design that will do nothing more than that.


Picture yourself coming to your website. What are you looking for? Presumably, you have gone to a search engine and typed in a request that went something like, “scroll saw designs for Decatur, Illinois.”


When you typed that in, you expected to find information about the subject matter for the words that your entered. You would probably be disappointed if you found that the page was very slow to load, or that you had to wait on a very elaborate flash presentation to finish loading, you are going to get impatient and leave.


What you are looking for is information, and you are entitled to find it quickly. If you find what you need you will want to know all about it, and that is what a good website should supply – good content about the subject that is being searched for.


Be sure that your website is well organized so that people can instantly see what they are looking for. A good idea is to make headlines with a brief introduction a “read more . . .” at the bottom of the intro. In this way people can see the breadth of the topics you have to give to them and they will stay with it until they find what they want.


Keep that in mind, the only reason people come to your site is because they want something. You can find out what they want because they typed in web-designersthe key words for what they want. In this case it is “Scroll saw designs for Decatur, Illinois.”


Stick to the subject and give them all kinds of ways to buy their scroll saw designs from you. Don’t get off track, but put their solution right up front so they can easily find out how to get the designs.


Make sure that your site is easy to navigate, tells your story, and is attractively organized, and you will have accomplished your goal of properly designing your site.