The Importance of Quality Local SEO Boca Raton Services

SEO Boca RatonWhen it comes to getting attention online, every business finds themselves in that situation where eventually they have to fight for attention and that means learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and what their options are when it comes to getting to the top of those search engine rankings where all the traffic is. While some people choose to learn SEO the slow hard way themselves, others turn towards a qualified and experienced SEO agency to help them get those precious (and profitable) rankings.

Local SEO Matters

There is a huge difference between general search engine optimization and then going for the local listings. When it comes to SEO Boca Raton small businesses need to know that having specialists on their side makes a huge difference when it comes to beating the competition and ending up with the results that you are truly looking for.

First of all, competition can be fierce even in smaller markets. Part of the reason for this is the fact that there are less overall businesses to split up the public. This sounds counter-intuitive but think about it: there’s always going to be demand for every business in Chicago and so even today a good storefront location can keep a business afloat.

However, the chances to make huge money in Boca Raton means you need a larger percentage of the people in the area who need your services – and local SEO can deliver that.

Agency or Freelancer?

The biggest company isn’t always the best in the SEO business. This is especially important to understand since big companies don’t hesitate to charge big money for their search engine optimization services, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get results. A good freelancer who can provide you with several SEO case studies and a list of references could be by far and away the better option since he or she will be able to get things done and already has a list of local clients you can follow up with who are willing to vouch for them.

The key to telling the two apart really comes down to three things:

– Comparing case studies (if they don’t have one ready for you, that’s bad)

– Checking up on recommendations and references

– Knowing just enough about SEO to ask probing questions

Making the Decision

When it comes to SEO Boca Raton residents need to know enough to ask those questions. Does the professional show a knowledge of recent Google changes? Can they show off a convincing case study? Are their rates reasonable for the return you would get? Answering these will help you decide which provider to go with.

In Conclusion

When it comes to getting ranked higher in the search engine results by using SEO Boca Raton small businesses can all benefit from work provided by experts who know how to shoot them to the top of those rankings. Doing your homework ahead of time will make all the difference and help make sure that you get the results you want.

SEO: 5 Thing You Need to Understand

SEO: 5 Thing You Need to Understand

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of doing what it takes both on and off site in order to push your website up the rankings. While there are over 200 different factors than can affect the rankings of a website, there’s no question that some of these ranking factors matter a whole lot more than others.

#1: You Must Have a Mobile Website
Whether you have a mobile version of your website that comes up on phones or pads, or if your website is truly responsive and changes sizes as needed, you need a website that adjusts to whatever device the searcher is using. Having a mobile website was always a bonus in SEO but since April of 2015 Google has made it one of the single most important aspects to ranking online.

#2: Make Sure You Have Clean Code
You don’t want any spammy tags or long lists of keywords stuck in the coding somewhere. Good clean code is seen as a bonus, not to mention the fact it is just good practice so your website loads faster – which is also a ranking factor with Google.

#3: Make Your Content Top Notch
There are many different factors that go into deciding what makes excellent content, but Google has been very clear that great content matters as much or more than anything else. You’ve probably heard the saying “Content is King,” and this is why. While human graders help decide what the best content is, good content is always going to be a few things:

  • thX9L2Z6WWHave good grammar and syntax
  • Original content
  • Authority content
  • Well-organized
  • Strong writing style

#4: You Want a Social Media Footprint
Not only can Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ all be used to get safe backlinks to pass juice to your website. In addition to this, being active on social media in general is becoming more and more important to appearing legitimate online and interacting with your customers. Social media isn’t just nice – it’s a necessity if you want to crawl to the top.

#5: Backlinks Still Matter a Lot
While you can’t just pile up hundreds of junk links like you used to, good backlinks have a major effect on ranking websites. You need links from high authority websites in related niches, and you need the anchor text to be your brand, blog name, or URL. That is the best way to pass along the ranking juice.

4 Types of Internet Marketing

4 Types of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a very broad umbrella term that covers a variety of very specific types of online campaigns. Before you jump into your next attempts to get more attention online, take a look at these four highly effective types of IM and look at using them.

Content Marketing

Content is king, right? By providing exceptional, long, and unique content on a blog or website, you can offer the online world something unique that many people will want to share. In a way, you are preparing content to make it as viral as possible. This is content that should be attention grabbing and get your article discussed and shared. Guest posting can fall under the content marketing category, as well.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is taking advantage of your list of interested prospects and creating a program or service they won’t be able to resist. This is often used in conjunction with joint projects to allow you to take advantage of another marketer’s email list, as well. You not only get to reach out to your own followers, who are far more likely to buy from you, but you also get exposed to new potential customers while building a relationship with other authorities in your field.

Social Media Marketing

SOnline-marketing_cropped1ocial media marketing takes advantage of both paid and unpaid options to push your presence on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media websites. This can mean advertising for a podcast, video, blog post, or other type of event. Use Facebook paid ads while also promoting your content to your page and encouraging those following you to also share.

Remember that each social media website is drastically different from each other, and that means the strategy for Facebook needs to be different than Twitter, which needs to be different from LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social media website. Adjust your strategy accordingly.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an advanced version of content management, and your goal is to make videos that push your brand but are extremely memorable. Think of the Old Spice Guy, Dos Equi’s “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” or the last viral video you checked out on Facebook. A great video that hits the right notes can get millions of views and bring a lot of new customers to your website and to your company. That’s the type of exposure that can take you to the next level!

Appropriate Web Design

Appropriate Web Design


When you design your webpage you will want it to the most appealing to the audience to whom you are targeting. For the most part it is businesses who are wanting their website to be the target page for potential and current customers to find in order to obtain information.


In building the site, it is these people with whom you have to engage and hold their interest, or you are wasting your time and just putting up a pretty web design that will do nothing more than that.


Picture yourself coming to your website. What are you looking for? Presumably, you have gone to a search engine and typed in a request that went something like, “scroll saw designs for Decatur, Illinois.”


When you typed that in, you expected to find information about the subject matter for the words that your entered. You would probably be disappointed if you found that the page was very slow to load, or that you had to wait on a very elaborate flash presentation to finish loading, you are going to get impatient and leave.


What you are looking for is information, and you are entitled to find it quickly. If you find what you need you will want to know all about it, and that is what a good website should supply – good content about the subject that is being searched for.


Be sure that your website is well organized so that people can instantly see what they are looking for. A good idea is to make headlines with a brief introduction a “read more . . .” at the bottom of the intro. In this way people can see the breadth of the topics you have to give to them and they will stay with it until they find what they want.


Keep that in mind, the only reason people come to your site is because they want something. You can find out what they want because they typed in web-designersthe key words for what they want. In this case it is “Scroll saw designs for Decatur, Illinois.”


Stick to the subject and give them all kinds of ways to buy their scroll saw designs from you. Don’t get off track, but put their solution right up front so they can easily find out how to get the designs.


Make sure that your site is easy to navigate, tells your story, and is attractively organized, and you will have accomplished your goal of properly designing your site.