What is Blogger?

Blogger is an online blogging service that enables multi-user blog-published posts with date-stamp based on when they were published. It was originally developed by Pyra Labs Inc., which was purchased by Google in 2020.

The bloggers can publish their own blogs, manage their personal blogs, and post other people’s blogs to Blogspot. The bloggers who use Blogspot are often those who own websites and blogs, as well as small businesses and freelancers. The bloggers who use Blogspot have the option to add advertisements, comments, links and search results on their own blogs and create “channels”. A channel is where many or all of the other blog posts are posted.

If a blogger wishes to post another blogger’s site in a channel, he or she must subscribe for permission first. Once a blogger has gained permission, they will be able to post and manage their channels. There is also a free hosting account for bloggers with the use of which bloggers can create and manage channels.

The users of Blogspot can create profiles using their user names and email addresses. There is a button on each blog that says “Create New Blog”. Once this button has been clicked, the blogger will be asked to select a name for the blog and an address where he will host it. The user can then choose the number of blogs he wants to manage in his account, the keywords to promote his blog, and a theme to theme his blog. Each blog in a Channel has its own URL and is managed by a different editor. In other words, a blogger cannot have multiple editors running at the same time.

One can create as many blogger accounts as they wish. However, the number of blogs that can be operated on a single account is restricted. A user can increase or decrease the number of blogs on their account as many times as they want. As an example, the number of blogs on their first account will remain the same as they do with every new account. The maximum number of blogs on their first account is one.

If one would like to make money from a blogger, it is important to be careful with how one uses the account. Since there are some bloggers who are not willing to pay others for advertising, the best bet is to set up an account with a high traffic count that will be used mostly by readers.