Services That Your Commercial Moving Company Provides

Hiring a commercial moving company to move your office or commercial facility will allow you to focus on your other work while they do all the heavy lifting. A professional commercial mover can offer a variety of services from packing to unpacking and offering long-term office facility management and security services. Here are some services offered by a local commercial moving company:

commercial moving company

General office move: Your entire office furniture ensemble, including filing cabinets, stationary, and supplies, is packed and transported to the new destination. The majority of commercial moving companies offer a variety of services, depending upon the size of the move, and your timeframe. General office moving service offers personalized, one-time solutions for a number of office moves, large or small. Commercial movers can help you sort out everything at your current location, and transport everything to the new location. You can choose whether or not the company will provide ongoing office furniture services or refer you to an individual vendor.

Furniture packing and loading: Your belongings are packed and then loaded into trucks equipped with high-impact cutting systems, stainless steel interlocking metal sliding restraint frames, and custom wheels for maximum safety. Professional movers use specialized equipment for packing and loading commercial office equipment safely and securely. They carefully inspect your belongings, ensuring that nothing is damaged or missing before proceeding with the move. They will load your office equipment and items securely, removing the need for open-air moves. Your move can begin immediately, giving you time to prepare for new furniture or arrange any last minute changes.

Disruption of business: A local commercial moving company is able to manage every aspect of your business relocation process, from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking again. Because they can handle a variety of different types of business moves, your moving professionals can help you complete all phases of the move efficiently. They will handle your trucks, trailers, and other equipment so that nothing is overlooked. Your move can be completed faster, and you can rest assured knowing that your offices and business facilities are in excellent condition.

Storage space: Your commercial moving company will ensure that your office buildings are adequately covered by storage. They can store items for long periods of time, protecting your records, computers, and other important office equipment. Your office move can be completed faster because everything is organized and ready to go. The storage facility will also ensure that your furniture and appliances are properly protected. Your move is completed quickly and all of your damaged or lost equipment is replaced.

Office moving teams provide many services that can greatly reduce your moving time. Whether you are relocating to a new office building, or just need your office moved to a different city, a commercial moving company can help. A local mover can provide you with a full detailed list of their available services. Contact your local movers to schedule a free consultation to determine if this relocation option is right for you. When you are looking to make a quick, easy, and affordable office move, your moving team can provide many valuable services that save you time, money, and stress.