Book Review of the Best Seller 2020

The Best Seller 2020 is a short term book by author Mark Coker and publisher Simon and Schuster. It was released in the year 2020 and was written for college students who are trying to write a college-level composition. The novel follows a couple of students at a prestigious university and gives a good description of what it is like being at college and how difficult that can be if you are just not used to writing at that level.

In the novel, our main character, David, is a senior in high school and he is also a bit of a geek. He is also a bit of a loser but because of his parents’ divorce, he has very little time left with his mom and dad and spends much of his time hanging out with his best friend, Joe.

One night, when Joe is invited to the party of a friend of David, Joe decides to go with him instead and David ends up being rather jealous about this. A lot of time goes by and David starts to notice how great Joe’s friends are and how cool he is, which makes him wonder what his parents might have done.

As the novel goes on, David slowly begins to see that there are many other things in life that he wants to do than just hanging out with Joe, but because he is too close to Joe he doesn’t know if he should let him go and move on to someone else. One day, when he sees Joe is going to a different party, he tells him about how cool he is and the two start to spend more time together.

Then one night David is so excited to be seeing Joe again, that he goes ahead and asks him out on a date. But when Joe arrives at David’s apartment, David notices something is wrong. The two end up in a fight where David knocks Joe down and starts choking him, until Joe kicks David’s butt out.

The ending of this story is sad but also incredibly entertaining because of how well the story is written and how well the characters are portrayed. If you are a student who is trying to write your own college level composition and you need a good, fast and easy way to get it published, the Best Seller 2020 is a book that I would highly recommend.