4 Types of Internet Marketing

4 Types of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a very broad umbrella term that covers a variety of very specific types of online campaigns. Before you jump into your next attempts to get more attention online, take a look at these four highly effective types of IM and look at using them.

Content Marketing

Content is king, right? By providing exceptional, long, and unique content on a blog or website, you can offer the online world something unique that many people will want to share. In a way, you are preparing content to make it as viral as possible. This is content that should be attention grabbing and get your article discussed and shared. Guest posting can fall under the content marketing category, as well.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is taking advantage of your list of interested prospects and creating a program or service they won’t be able to resist. This is often used in conjunction with joint projects to allow you to take advantage of another marketer’s email list, as well. You not only get to reach out to your own followers, who are far more likely to buy from you, but you also get exposed to new potential customers while building a relationship with other authorities in your field.

Social Media Marketing

SOnline-marketing_cropped1ocial media marketing takes advantage of both paid and unpaid options to push your presence on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media websites. This can mean advertising for a podcast, video, blog post, or other type of event. Use Facebook paid ads while also promoting your content to your page and encouraging those following you to also share.

Remember that each social media website is drastically different from each other, and that means the strategy for Facebook needs to be different than Twitter, which needs to be different from LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social media website. Adjust your strategy accordingly.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an advanced version of content management, and your goal is to make videos that push your brand but are extremely memorable. Think of the Old Spice Guy, Dos Equi’s “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” or the last viral video you checked out on Facebook. A great video that hits the right notes can get millions of views and bring a lot of new customers to your website and to your company. That’s the type of exposure that can take you to the next level!